read over these travel tips to ensure a great experience along the Wild Rivers Coast Food Trail.

Tip 1

Check out our brochure! Get a hard copy at participating businesses or local visitors centers to follow along or use this online pdf.

Tip 2

The Wild Rivers Coast Food Trail is open to visitors throughout the year and is designed to explore at your own pace - you are welcome to start and finish wherever you like. To ensure a positive experience, please review the hours of operation for each business listed in the brochure and note when it is best to call ahead before arriving.

Tip 3

High season varies per business but is typically June - November. Seasonality of key products is:

  • Blueberries are normally at their best from July to August.

  • Cranberries are often available from mid October to early December.

  • Pumpkin patches are usually open from late September to late October.

Tip 4

The working farms along this trail provide some of the most unique and personalized experiences. As a visitor, we ask that you respect the invitation to enter each property and be cautious around farm animals and equipment. Kids should not play unsupervised and you should be prepared to follow any site-specific rules. 


Tip 5

Interested in a guided tour to experience the Wild Rivers Coast Food Trail? South Coast Tours offers tours along the entire trail and will even work with you for a custom tour. Learn more at

Tip 6

Your experience along the Wild Rivers Coast Food Trail should not end when you leave the area. We encourage you to bring a taste of your journey back home to share with friends and family as a reminder of the bounty available along Oregon's Wild River's Coast.